DGIST is a research-oriented university with a full support from Korean government.


DGIST started with a research institution in 2004 and grew into a research-oriented university by opening graduate program in 2011, and the undergraduate program in March, 2014. DGIST focuses its research and education in six areas, such as Emerging Materials Science, Information & Communication Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Brain Science, and New Biology.
The six areas are called ‘MIREBraiN’: M for Materials, I for Information & Communication, R for Robotics, E for Energy, B for Brain, and N for New Biology. The pronunciation of MIRE in Korean is the same to that of ‘future.’ DGIST’s vision, which was declared in May 2012, is to become a world-leading convergence research university by nurturing the global leaders of knowledge creation and creating future convergence technology.


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