Advanced Design and Development of the Assistive Robot and Rehabilitation Devicefor the Practical Use

Doyoung Joen
Doyoung Joen
Precision Control & Human Mechatronics Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering
14:10~15:00, November 22nd, 2013


As the research on the wearable robot becomes active, the assistive devices for the daily living of mobility disabled people are widely developed. In my research, we developed the exoskeletal robot to assist the walk of disabled person (called as SUBAR) and the powered wheelchair combined with exoskeletal robot for the exercise and rehabilitation of lower limb. With the help of this device, the stroke patient and SCI disabled person may perform the lower limb exercise and standing walk train. It may also be used as the lower limb rehabilitation and operated to strengthen certain group of muscles in lower limb. As a rehabilitation device, the two axis device is developed to provide the isokinetic and isotonic motion in any planar trajectories. In the presentation, the ideas on the design and control issue will be addressed.


Research Interests :

  • Control of dynamic systems
  • Design and control of wearable robots
  • Rehabilitation engineering and smart monitoring system


Awards and Honors:

  • Prime minister’s award at Korea Inventionand Patent Exhibition (2006)
  • Service merit medal, red stripes (2007)