Automotive Real-Time OS& OSCAR-OSEK

Sung Ho Jin
Sung Ho Jin
Robotics Research Division, DGIST, Korea
17:10~17:50,November 21st, 2013


As softwarecontent and complexityin automotive ECUscontinues to grow,real-time operating systemis widely used in automotive electronics.

The OSEK Operating System is a real-time operating system whichconforms to the OSEK/VDX Operating System.OSEK/VDXis an open standard softwarearchitecture for the various electronic control units.

DGIST OSCAR-OSEKis fully compliant to the latest OSEK / VDX™ specificationsand designed to occupy very little memory, provide fast context switching times and increase reusability.

In this talk,I will introduce OSEK/VDX standard,DGIST OSCAR-OSEKand application based on OSCAR-OSEK.


Rsearch Interests:

  • Real-time Operating System
  • AutomotiveEmbedded Software
  • Developmentof Automotive Embedded System


Awards and Honors:

  • DGIST Award(2011)