Bio-medical CPS and Its Applications

Ji-Woong Choi
Ji-Woong Choi
11:10~12:00, November 22nd, 2013


Recently, various bio-medical devices with computational components have been connected in order to sense and actuate physical elements. This bio-medical CPS system enables many features and functions such as new capability, safety, security, and reliability in numerous applications, e.g., telemedicine systems, medical rehabilitation, and implant medical devices such as pacemakers and infusion pumps. In this talk, the concept, trends and key challenges of bio-medical CPS systems will be described first, followed by introduction of a few related applications, focusing on connectivity issues. Finally, our recent research topics will be presented including wireless body area network (WBAN), fully-implantable wireless artificial cochlea, and brain-machine interface (BMI) systems.


Research Interests:

Communication theory and systems, bio-medical communications and signal processing, medical CPS, brain-machine interface (BMI), machine-to-machine/device-to-device (M2M/D2D) communications


Awards and Honors:


  • IEEE Senior Member (2009)
  • Silver Award at Samsung Humantech Paper Contest, Samsung Electronics (2005)
  • Postdoctoral Scholarship from Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea (2005)