Future Nanotechnologies for the Ambient Living Applications

Jong Min Kim
Jong Min Kim
Univ. of Oxford, UK
17:20~18:20, November 21st, 2014

Abstract :

We present the current and future nanotechnology convergence, especially focusing on the convergence of nano with electronics, display and photonics, and energy/bio areas. Nano-electronics will cover the graphene and carbon nanotubes, and their applications in flexible and transparent electronics, and future medical imaging system. Nano-photonics will include flexible quantum-dot TVs, smart lightings, future LED on the glass, and 3D nano activehologram displays and auto color change. The energy with nanotechnologies will be including high power energy harvesting and future solar cell. Nano-bio areas will cover nano bio sensor networks for the bio system with invasive and noninvasive methods. In addition, the auto fragrance system will be demonstrated for the future living. The textile electronics will be introduced for the future electronics, optics, and energy and sensor networks for smart and ambient assistant living. Animation on the above themes will be demonstrated.


Research Interests

Quantum Dots and Nano Materials for display/lighting, image sensors Nano Carbon and Electronics for flexible electrode, TFT, photonics, and sensors Display, New Energy, and Medical Imaging System


Awards and Honors

  • First inventor of carbon nanotube (reported variously in Science, Nature, etc. One paper is with more than 1,000 citation), transparent and flexible graphene electrodes (Nature 2009, with more than 3,000 citations) and quantum dot based LEDs and displays (Nature Photonics, Cover Article, 2009 and 2011, Nature Comm’13), LED on glass (Nature Photonics, Cover Article, 2011), CNT network Transistors
  • 2012 : Awards by Minister of Knowledge/Economy from the Korean government
  • 2001 : Best Paper Award, the Gold Prize Award by Samsung Group Chair, Prime Minister Awards from the Korean government
  • 2000 : Awards by Minister of Science from the Korean government
  • 2004-06, 2010-11 : Chair, Samsung Group Technology Conference (>1,000 papers )
  • 2008-9 : Member, Evaluation Committee for R&D Centres of Seoul National University
  • 2007-present : Int. Advisory Board Member, Rus Nano Prize in Russia
  • Technical committee of IEEE Int. Conference (IVNC, MTT), LOPE-C, ICFPE, etc