Future of Medical Imaging Industry with CE/IT Technology

Jae Moon Jo
Jae Moon Jo
Samsung Electronics Co., Korea
15:00~16:20,November 21st, 2013


Medical Imaging System has been remarkably evolved for the last three decades. Particularly the imaging devices such as CT (computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) are well deployed on a commercial scale with giving us much clearer view and more information. However the adoption of new technologies to the medical imaging devices has been quite sluggish compared to disruptive changes in IT industry, due to the patient safety and conservativeness against abrupt changes. On the other hand, huge waves of changes in CE (consumer electronics) and IT (information technologies) are underway and also influencing the medical equipment industry. For example, we used to find the flat-panel detector as a substitute for X-ray film from the only textbook. But it isnow commercially available and widely deployed thanks to the amorphous-Si panel technology which had been commonly used in LCD (liquid crystal display). Accordingly the X-ray industry has been rapidly changing its paradigm from analog to digital. Hereafter, the new technology to bring a further change in the medical equipment industry and its value will be addressed.


Research Interests:

  • Medical Image Processing
  • Digital Image Compression, Digital Signal Processing, SoC Design
  • Development of Digital TV & Digital Camera
  • Development of Medical Equipment (Ultrasound, Digital X-ray, CT, MRI)



  • Ph.D., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, KAIST
  • M.S., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, KAIST
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University

Professional Experience:

  • 2011-Present : Head of R&D team of HME Business Division at Samsung Electronics Co.
  • 2011-Present : CTO of Samsung Medison
  • 2010-Present : Samsung Fellow
  • 2004-2010 : Vice President of DMC R&D Center


Awards and Honors:

  • Multimedia Technology Award (President Award) : 2003
  • Samsung Technology Award : 2003, 2007, 2009