Getting Ready for the FGLP: What about English?

Jeong-Ah Lee
Jeong-Ah Lee
DGIST, Korea
16:10~16:40,November 22nd, 2013


The purpose of the presentation, targetingthe admitted undergraduate students for the 2014 school year and theirparents, is to providedetailed information about the English proficiency requirements for attending the FGLP(Freshmen Global Leadership Program) during summer in 2014, and what and how they can do to successfully get ready for the Program in terms of English ability.

The presentation, followed by a brief introduction aboutEnglish proficiency requirementsof UC Berkeley and Stanford University and how to submit the evidence (i.e. TOEFL score),will focus more on sharing several measures that the school is planning to help the students with theirEnglishincluding multiple test taking opportunities and the 3-week intensive English language program provided in the winter. Useful tips/resources for English study will be also providedfor the soon-to-be freshmen.


Research Interests:

Dr. Jeong-Ah Leeearned her Ph.D. degree at the Foreign/Second Language Education Program, The Ohio State University. Her research interests include English for specific purposes, language attitudes and beliefs, collaborative learning, use of drama-in-educationand literature in language teaching and learning, teachingEnglish as an international language in the EFL context, andnon-native English speaking teacherdevelopment.


Awards and Honors:

  • Ray Travel Award (Spring, 2007)–Council of Graduate Students, The Ohio State University
  • Distinguished Lecturer Award (February2012) –Hongik University
  • Distinguished Lecturer Award (June 2012) –Sungkyunkwan University
  • Distinguished Lecturer Award (June, 2013) –Sungkyunkwan University