High Efficiency Printable Polymer Solar Cells IntroducingNovel Functional Interlayer Materials

Kwanghee Lee
Kwanghee Lee
GIST, Korea
16:40~17:30,November 21st, 2013


High-performance polymer solar cells (PSCs) introducing novel functional materials, such as nonconjugated/conjugated polyelectrolytes and n-or p-doped sol-gel metal oxides, will be presented. Thefunctional layers are insertedbetween the photoactive layer and electrodes viasolution processing and low annealing temperature below 80C, and induceC, and inducesignificant functions in the PSCs as follows: (i) work function tunning of the electrodes, (ii) selective contact for charge carriers, (iii) transparent optical spacer, (iv) protection of the active layer, and (v) determination of the device polarity. As a consequence, our PSCs exhibit a power conversion efficiency (ηe) exceeding  ηe~ 8.3% under AM1.5 irradiation (100 mW/cm2). In addition, we also successfully incorporate our novel functional layers into all-printed PSC modules fabricated using various printing techniques, such as slot-die, ink-jet, and electro-spray printing methods.


Research Interests :

  • Charge dynamics in organic molecules.
  • Optical and electrical properties of metallic and semiconducting polymers.
  • Ultrafast photo-induced charge transfer at the interface between semiconducting polymers and fullerene, and their nonlinear optical properties in photo-excited states.
  • Charge transport in organic electronic devices: polymer LEDs, solar cells, and FETs.
  • Energy generation, storage, and saving mechanisms implementing organic molecular systems.
  • Doping mechanism and charge transport in graphene, CNT, conjugated/conducting polymers, and their composites


Awards and Honors:

  • Science and technology medal (Apr. 2013)
  • Best Research Award for the greatest number of citations (Nov. 2011)
  • Best Lecture Award by GIST of Korea (Nov. 2011)
  • Best Lecture Award by Seoul National University Nano IP Enterprise Program of Korea (Feb. 2011)
  • Grand prize for “Knowledge Creation” by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Dec. 2010)
  • Kyung-Ahm prize in engineering by Kyung-Ahm Education & Culture Foundation(Oct. 2010)
  • Best Research Award by GIST of Korea (Nov. 2009)
  • Presidential citation for excellence in science by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (Dec. 2008)
  • Selected as “2007 Korea Top 10 Scientific News” by MOST
  • Award for excellence in publication by MOST (Dec. 2007)
  • Grand prize for “Renewable Energy” by the Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Energy (Oct. 2007)