“If Alien Scientists were to write a Report on Homo sapiens

Dayk Jang
Dayk Jang
Seoul National University, Korea
13:45~14:30, Novemeber 20th, 2014

Abstract :

Is it possible to do scientific research on ourselves? It’s hard to view ourselves objectively. But what if we take a different perspective? Say, that of extra terrestrial scientists? If they were to visit our planet and write a report after examining the history of homo sapiens evolution that has been going on for 2.5 million years, what conclusion would they come to? They might call us human beings ‘those who study’, ‘those who empathize’, ‘those who believe’, and ‘those who converge’. This lecture is about what science taught us about ourselves. Science was not only a tool for groundbreaking changes in our ‘conditions of living’, but also an idea that fundamentally altered our views on ‘human nature’. This is a story of an intellectual journey of a scientist. He first started with his interest in robots, but as he saw his Hwado evolved, he was leaning closer to the study on chimpanzees and humans.


Research Interests

Philosophy of Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, Evo-Devo, Science and Religion, Neuroethics


Awards and Honors

  • 2010 : National Medal of Science and Culture (The Minister of Science and Technology, Korea)
  • 2009 : Best Author in Science and Technology (The Minister of Science and Technology, Korea)