Important Thermodynamic Considerations Regarding Energy

Jerald A. Caton
Jerald A. Caton
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
December 6, 2012, 16:40 ~ 17:20

Abstract :

Thermodynamics is the discipline of energy and provides the foundations for the various aspects of energy conversion to useful work. In spite of the close connection between energy and thermodynamics, this topic is often not given enough attention. This presentation briefly reviews the history of thermodynamics, describes its connection to energy, provides key concepts, and illustrates the importance of thermodynamics with actual examples. An emphasis of this presentation is on the second law of thermodynamics, and related concepts such as the quality of energy (exergy). Examples are provided which illustrate how high value energy degrades during real processes due to irreversibilities.


Research Activities :

IC engine modeling; reducing pollutant emissions, alternative fuels


Honors and Awards :

  • 2008: Texas A&M, Interim Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award – TAMU
  • 2007: SAE Fellow
  • 1996: ASME Fellow
  • 1990: SAE Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award