Introduction of DGIST Freshman Global Leadership Program

Seong Kyun Kim
Seong Kyun Kim
Professor School of Basic Science, College of Convergence, DGIST
13:20~14:10,November 22nd, 2013


On March of 2014, DGIST will launch brand-new undergraduate program and we are now preparing a lot of differentiated educational programsbased on our target, which is training talented students having creativity and global leadership. To achieve this, we introduce GOAL(Goal Oriented Active Learning) system to guide our students to proactively discover their potentials and interests and to establish their own lifetime goals. Furthermore, GOAL system will help our students find the means to achieve such goals. To helping our dear students to find their own life direction as well as have global leadership, DGIST develop DGIST Global Leadership Program(DGLP). Training globalleadership is treated importantly in regular courses of DGIST undergraduate program, because globalization as well as leadership is necessary in 21stcentury without doubt. Combining with regular courses, Freshmen Global Leadership Program(FGLP)will be offered to every freshmen, asthe first programof DGLP.Through FGLP, every student will take classes and study in foreign university having high reputation such as UC Berkeley and Stanford. During the program, we convince that studentswill get global communication capacity as well as leadership, and find their vision and direction.


Research Interests:


  •  Organometallic Synthesis
  •  Homogeneous Catalysts for Polymerizations and Organic Reactions
  •  Development of Special Polymers and Industrial Applications
  •  Metal Organic Frameworks and its Applications


Awards and Honors:

  •  Graduation with Honors, KAIST, 2000
  •  Best Thesis Award, Department of Chemistry, KAIST, 2006