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Won Bae Jeon
Won Bae Jeon
Division of Nano/Bio Technology, DGIST, Korea
17:10~17:50,November 21st, 2013


The Division of Nano/Bio Technologyin DGIST encompassesfour research groups. Their research interests focus on the advanced flexible display technology, functional nanomaterials forapplication in sensor andenvironmentalremediation, self-assembled nanostructures for nanomedicine, and ageing mechanism of mammalian cells. In particular, the biotechnology section placesa strong emphasis on the mechanistic understanding ofpancreatic islet aging and rejuvenation of islet and brain tissues, the generation of smart polymeric nanostructuresfor remote-controlled drug deliveryand C-reactive protein detection, and the development of nonlinear optical and multiphoton Raman imaging systems. The total budget of NanoBio Division is ca. 2.5million USD in fiscal year of 2013. This presentation introduces very recent results including scientific papersand patents fromthe Division of Nano/Bio Technology.



Research Interests:

  1. Bioengineering ofextracellular niche for stem cell therapy
  2. Ageing mechanism of pancreatic islets and beta-cells
  3. Regeneration of beta-cells and dopaminergic neurons