New Energy Materials Research and Applications

Sungho Jin
Sungho Jin
UC San Diego, USA
11:00~12:00, November 20th, 2014

Abstract :

New advances in energy technologies can be accomplished using nanotech materials. Design and manipulation of nanostructures in energy materials are important for more efficient operations in energy generation and storage. Nano-related energy materials include those for solar cells, solar thermal power generators, photocatalytic water splitting, thermoelectric devices, batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells. Huge amount of energy savings can also be achieved by designing/fabricating highly efficient thermal insulators, light-weight automobile steels, anti-biofouling or superhydrophobic coatings on ship hulls, aerospace and transportation vehicle structures. Energy savings on building air conditioning or heating can benefit from efficient sunlight-reflecting (IR reflecting) or sun-light absorbing coatings. It is highly desirable to make solar cells, Li ion batteries and fuel cells more affordable for wider applications of green energy technologies, for example, by introducing new advanced materials or improving the existing materials structures. In this presentation, various means for creating/controlling the structures and properties of some energy materials will be described, and the implications of such structural advances on current and future energy technologies will be discussed.


Research Interests

Sungho Jin’s research interests and activities include R&D of nano materials, magnetic materials, electronic materials and devices, energy materials, and bio materials.


Awards and Honors

  • CRS Jorge Heller JCR Award (2012) from the Controlled Release Society for pioneering research on remote controllable drug delivery and BBB crossing demonstration.
  • Albert-Sauveur Achievement Award, ASM International for pioneering research for discovery of new materials and phenomena in the fields of electronic, magnetic and superconducting materials. (2009).
  • Inaugural MRS Fellow (2008).
  • John Bardeen Award from TMS (The Metals, Minerals and Materials Society), 2007 for outstanding contributions to the electronic materials. (2007).
  • One of the recipients of the Nano 50 Awards (2005) which honors top 50 nanotech technologists in US.
  • Fellow, American Physical Society (APS), 2003.
  • TMS (The Metals, Minerals and Materials Society) Fellows, 2000. (The maximum number of living Fellows limited to 100).
  • Received Ho-Am Engineering Prize from Ho-Am Foundation in Korea, 2000 (the most prominent honor in Korea in science and technology).
  • Member of the United States National Academy of Engineering (elected in 1999).
  • Elected as Fellow of ASM (American Society for Metals) International, 1994.