On being a scientist || an engineer: the value of opening & sharing

Gyu-Tae Kim
Korea University, Korea
14:00~15:00,November 19th, 2015



Since the childhood, the dream as “a scientist” has been an on-going project with many questions. What is a good attitude in life? What are good vision and prospect in life? To be famous or meaningful? To be rich or meaningful? To win or be meaningful? To be successful or be meaningful? The most difficulty comes from the thinking of “the meaning”. Own or share? Open or close? Long or short? On being a meaningful scientist || engineer, how to find the meaningful way, still on-going. Among them, I found the value of the opening & the sharing in science & technology. The meaning of being a scientist or an engineer will be discussed together.




  • 2011.3-present Professor, Korea Univ.
  • 2006.3-2011.2 Associate Professor, Korea Univ.
  • 2002.3-2006.2 Assistant Professor, Korea Univ.
  • 2000.1-2000.9 (주)이지서킷닷컴 선임연구원
  • 2000.2-2000.7 LG전자기술원 Organic EL Team
  • 2000.2 서울대 물리연구단 대학원생 우수 연구상 An Honor Prize
  • 1996.3-2000.2 Ph.D in Physics, Seoul National Univ
  • 1999.5-1999.10 KOSEF 젊은 과학자 파견 연수(MaxPlank Institute, Germany)
  • 1997.7-1997.8 KOSEF-DAAD 대학원생 연수(MaxPlank Institute, Germany)
  • 1992.3-1996.2 M.S. in Physics, Seoul National Univ
  • 1988.3-1992.2 B.S. in Physics, Seoul National Univ


Research Interests:

  1.  Fabrication of Nano Device : Selective Patterning with E-beam Lithography, Photo Lithography
  2.  Measurement of Electrical characteristics in Nano Device : Current-Voltage, FET Effect, Hall effect, Noise and etc.
  3.  Design & Development of System for Nano Device : Development of Wireless Diagnosis System for Bio-sensor