Only Connect: Imagination, Knowledge, and Higher Education in the 21st Century

Charles Junkerman
Charles Junkerman
Stanford, USA
15:20~16:10,November 22nd, 2013


It is well known that, beginning in the late 1940’s, Stanford University served as an incubator and early steward of what would become Silicon Valley. Now, the intellectual ecosystem of Silicon Valley has become the envy of the world, and appears to challenge its generative parent: are universities (with their Medieval schools and their 19thcentury departments) flexible andnimble enough to teach students the creative habits of mind they need to flourish in the mobile world of the 21stcentury? I will argue that the university is still the best place for young people to experiment with the “outsider thinking” and test the “mental restructurings” so celebrated by the Googles, Apples, and Facebooks across the street from Stanford.


Research Interests :


Administrative Responsibilities

Continuing Studies, Summer Session, Master of Liberal Arts, Pre-Collegiate Studies,

Stanford Summer Institutes, Stanford Online High School

Teaching and Writing

  • Interdisciplinary liberal learning
  • American literature: Whitman, Emerson, and Thoreau
  • Irish Literature: Yeats, Joyce, Wilde, Synge, Beckett
  • Environmental philosophy and art


Awards and Honors:

Cuthbertson Award for exceptional contributions to Stanford

President, Stanford Historical Society