Resilient CPS Research at DGIST

Yongsoon Eun
Yongsoon Eun
DGIST, Korea
16:30~17:15, November 20th, 2014

Abstract :

This talk provides an overview of the research activities at DGIST Resilient Cyber-Physical System Research Center. System Resiliency refers to a collection of system properties designed to ensure a continuous operation of systems despite internal faults and external malicious attacks, a reduced capacity operation if the severity of faults and attacks is too high to maintain full capacity operations, and a graceful degradation if failure is inevitable. The Research Center is established to seek and develop analyses and syntheses methods that enable resilient cyber-physical systems. The approach of the Research Center is to develop resiliency in four critical constituents of cyber-physical systems, namely, control systems, communication and network, computing platform, and software security and verifications, and also develop a resiliency manger that coordinate the developed resilient features at constituents level. Research plans will be briefly overviewed and some of the results obtained to date will be presented


Research Interests

  • Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Resilient Control Systems
  • Analysis and Design of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Control with Nonlinear Instrumentations
  • Control of Photovoltaic Power Systems
  • Dynamic System Modeling of Human Behavior for Productivity
  • Dynamic System Modeling of Physiology


Awards and Honors

  • 2011 : Xerox Innovation Group Excellence in Science and Technology Award
  • 2000 : Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, EECS, University of Michigan, USA
  • 1997 : Young Author Award, 2nd Asian Control Conference, Seoul, Korea