Science and Our Life

MooYoung Choi
MooYoung Choi
Seoul National University, Korea
15:45~16:30, November 20th, 2014

Abstract :

Until the last century, natural science was very successful in the quest for relatively simple phenomena of matter. However, there exist many phenomena that exhibit so-called complexity at the border of order and disorder, a variety of examples of which may be found even in the humanities and arts as well as traditional matter, life, and society in general. Accordingly, together with the tendency toward specialization in research, it also becomes evident that the boundaries between various disciplines tend to fade, and there should arise more attempts to understand various phenomena, including social ones, through the use of the methods of natural science. To note elements of humanities in and social meanings of science and technology is very important for reflection on the future of mankind. In this lecture, I briefly describe the meaning of science, discuss the mission of science and technology in the modern society, and in this perspective, attempt to illuminate the value of human life as well as the meanings of success, happiness, and justice.


Research Interests

  • Phase transitions and dynamics of complex systems
  • Macroscopic and mesoscopic quantum phenomena
  • Physics of biological systems
  • Dynamics of social systems
  • Foundations of natural sciences
  • Science and culture


Awards and Honors

  • 2000. 04 : The 7th KPS Academic Awards, The Korean Physical Society.
  • 2002. 03 : The 8th Korea Science Prize, The Government of Korea.