Smart Healthcare Era

Hui Sup Cho
Hui Sup Cho
Division of IT-Convergence, DGIST, Korea
16:30~17:10,November 21st, 2013


Smart healthcare is a general term for medical-customer-centric services where it gets possible, regardless of time and space constraints, to make prediction, prevention, and customized management of a disease by active participation of both a provider and a customer of medical service on the convergence of medical technology and ICT

Modern society faces problems of increasing Healthcare expenditure due to the chronic patient increment and the aging society. As a so-called smart patient gets pro-active, they requires individualized treatment and interactive care. This smart healthcare using ICT is rising as the best technological alternative for solving those problems.

The smart healthcare will play a complementary role of the conventional medical service and work as the catalyst for the development of the previous service. In addition it is expected to not only derive the positive participation of the medical customer, but also give a significant contribution to the relief of the Healthcare Divide.

DGIST considers an importance of the healthcare technology and is researching and developing the medical technology suitable for contemporary people who are always carrying the smart device and familiarized with the personalized, interactive, and networked service.

That is, following two researches are performed in preparation for the expansion of the personalized service based on the smart device into the medical service field.

– Technology development about acquisition of biometric information and its application using the smart device

– Device management technology development of various smart devices related to the medical service.

Both understanding on diverse laws and regulations and creation of the business model are required for the success of the smart healthcare. In particular, as the healthcare technology is accomplished by the convergence of medical technology, fundamental science, and engineering technology, what the unprejudiced understanding of other fields should be made in advance is very suggestive to us who are researching and developing an embedded system technology.


Research Interests:

Biomedical Engineering, Video System