The 1st R&D Company Success Story

Chi Bong Kim
Chi Bong Kim
Kolmar BNH Co.
10:40~11:25, November 21st, 2014


Kolmar BNH, a research institute corporation that uses KAERI’s atomic energy technology for cosmetics and functional health supplement production, is a corporation that can be a prime example of creative economy. The general public may be unfamiliar to the idea of using atomic energy technology on cosmetics and health supplements, but the commercialization of this technology lead to the growth and development of the company.

The fusion technology used by Kolmar BNH commercializes fundamental technology, enhances company performance with strategic marketing, and becomes a model for continuous growth. The vision and objectives of the company leads to the anticipation of successful establishment of research institute corporations in Korea.



Kim Chi Bong is the CEO of Kolmar BNH, which is the first research institute corporation in Korea, and a joint venture between Kolmar Korea and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). He has previously worked as the production manager and head of research center at Kolmar Korea, which specializes in OEM and ODM for cosmetics. While he was the head of research center, he participated in a cosmetics technology project with KAERI, which eventually became the stepping-stone to the birth of Kolmar BNH. As the chief executive of Kolmar BNH, he led the company’s growth to become a KOSDAQ registered firm. While working in the cosmetics industry for the last 35 years, it can be said that he helped open a new chapter in the field of cosmetics technology and technical commercialization.