Towards enhancing the precision and safety of microsurgery: bimanual SMART

Cheol Song
DGIST, Korea
12:45~15:30,November 19th, 2015


Micro-surgeons rely on excellent motor control to perform critical tasks and may have hand tremor on the order of 50-100 microns. Surgical procedures on the retina require especially precise motor control to achieve surgical objectives and minimize surgical risks. In this talk, I will introduce a bimanual microsurgical platform, SMART (Smart Micromanipulation Aided Robotic-surgical Tool) for effectively reducing the surgeon hand tremors during vitreoretinal surgery. This SMART was achieved by implementing common path, swept source optical coherence tomography (CP SS-OCT) into a prototype surgical tool that effectively cancels undesirable surgeon hand tremor and unintended instrument drift. Bimanual surgical technique enables completion of complex micro-surgical tasks while enhancing ease and safety. The essential advantage is the ability to strategically grasp tissue with one hand while simultaneously dissecting with the other. The bimanual SMART micro-surgical system effectively suppresses asynchronous hand tremor and efficiently assists ambidextrous tasks. It allows precise bimanual dissection of biological tissues with enhanced efficiency as compared to procedures performed with conventional one-handed approaches. Clinical value would include but not be limited to more accurate instrument targeting, novel micron scale tool actions, minimization of surgical risk, novel microsurgical teaching approaches, and enhanced surgeon capabilities.



Research Interests:

1. Handheld Medical Robotics

– SMART microsurgical system


2. Optical Imaging guided Surgery

– Biomedical optics

– Optical coherence tomography(OCT) guided surgical techniques


3. Biomedical Hemodynamics

– Development of Hemodynamic measurement system


4. Robotic Neuro-Rehabilitation

– Brain activity measurement & robotic neuro-rehabilitation



Professional Activities :

2014-present Assistant Professor, Dept. of Robotic Eng., DGIST

2011-2013 Post-doc., Johns Hopkins University, United States

2010-2011 Post-doc., KAIST

2010 Ph.D. in Mechanical Eng. KAIST

2005 M.S. in Mechanical Eng. KAIST

2003 B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Sogang Univ.

2009-present Membership SPIE – International Society for Optical Engineering

2009-present Membership OSA – Optical Society of America

2012-present Membership IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers