Your Choice –Why DGIST?

Sam Chung
Sam Chung
Professor, University of Washington, USA
10:50~11:40,November 22nd, 2013



The DGIST Undergraduate Degree Program isyour best choice in Science, Technology, Engineering, andMathematics (STEM) education in both Korea and the rest of the developed world. We start with analyzing DGIST’s MVP (Mission, Vision, and Passion) and P3 (Philosophy, Planning, and Program) for Goal-Oriented Active Learning (GOAL). Then, we explain thefive characteristics of the undergraduate degree program-Distinctive, Global, Intellectual, Smart, andTeam-oriented. First, the program is very distinctive comparedto any other universitiessince it has an exclusive faculty system for undergraduate education and operates as a single college without department silos. Second, it is very global since diverse interactions and collaborations are internationally conducted through research and capstone projects. Third, it provides students with very sound intellectual depthsinceit aims to educate convergence, leadership, and entrepreneurship while improving their teaching frameworks, assessment methods, and resources.Fourth, it is smart since DGIST faculty develop their own eBook for multi-or inter-disciplinary education and are involved in active learning approaches equipped with offline and online learning.Last, it emphasizes team-orientation through unique undergraduate group research programs that requires creativity, contribution, and caring of each team member. Those five D. G. I. S. T.characters show why DGIST is not a follower but the creator for opening a new direction for undergraduate student-oriented research and education program in Korea.


Research Interests :

SoftwareReengineering, Software Assurance, Information Assurance, Cybersecurity, & Service Science


Awards and Honors:

  • 2012-2015 Endowed Chair Professorof Information Systems and Security
  • 2012- Director of Cyber-Physical Systems at CIAC
  • 2011-2015 NSF SFS Program co-Director at UW
  • 2009- Founding Faculty of ITSDegree and Program Coordinator
  • 2008- Four TimesNominated to Distinguished Research Awards at UW Tacoma
  • 2008- ACM Senior Member