Advanced Materials for energy science

Nanogenerators as New Energy Technology and Piezotrinics for Functional System

Abstract: Developing wireless nanodevices and nanosystems is of critical importance for sensing, medical science, environmental/infrastructure monitoring, defense technology and even personal electronics. It is highly desirable for wireless devices to be self-powered without using battery. Nanogenerators (NGs) have been developed […]

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High Efficiency Printable Polymer Solar Cells IntroducingNovel Functional Interlayer Materials

Abstract: High-performance polymer solar cells (PSCs) introducing novel functional materials, such as nonconjugated/conjugated polyelectrolytes and n-or p-doped sol-gel metal oxides, will be presented. Thefunctional layers are insertedbetween the photoactive layer and electrodes viasolution processing and low annealing temperature below 80C, […]

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Economics of PV Module Efficiency

Abstract: If photovoltaics (PV) is to be a major future source of electricity, it will need to compete without large government subsidies. One promising area for improvement of PV’s market competitiveness is module efficiency which can lower total PV electricity […]

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