Bio-inspired Materials

Biomimetics on Small Molecule Activation

Abstract : Small molecule activation by transition metal centers is essential to numerous stoichiometric and catalytic organic transformations in biological and industrial processes. Nature has gone through a course of trial and error to refine the living creatures, processes, and […]

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Bio-inspired Material-independent Surface Chemistry

Abstract : This presentation will discuss the emerging surface chemistry utilizing catechol and catecholamine. The catechol/catecholamine compounds have exhibited material-independent surface modification [1]. Utilizing this unprecedented property, we have developed various material-independent surface functionalization strategies such as hydroxyapatite formation [2], […]

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“Structure/Function Correlations over Nonheme Iron Enzymes

Abstract : Non-heme iron enzymes either activate substrate using a ferric center or dioxygen using a ferrous site. The latter has been extremely difficult to study. Thus we have developed new spectroscopic methodologies that provide geometric and electronic structural insight […]

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BioNano Health Guard R&D Program” in Korea

Abstarct :  Global Frontier Program is a R&D program that Korean government (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) is most focused on. This national research program is funded more than 10 billion KRW (approximately 10 million US$) per year […]

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Magnetophoretic Circuits for Random Access Single Cell Analysis

Abstract : One of the main goals of lab-on-a-chip research is to develop generic platforms for manipulating small fluid droplets, colloidal particles and single cells with the flexibility, scalability and automation of modern-day computer circuits. . In particular, there is […]

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