DGIF 2014

Why and How Should I Study?

Abstract :  The basic purpose of study is to find the best answer to an ultimate question, “Who am I, located where, and therefore, how should I live with what attitude?” The answer should be sought with best organized knowledge […]

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Magnetophoretic Circuits for Random Access Single Cell Analysis

Abstract : One of the main goals of lab-on-a-chip research is to develop generic platforms for manipulating small fluid droplets, colloidal particles and single cells with the flexibility, scalability and automation of modern-day computer circuits. . In particular, there is […]

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New Energy Materials Research and Applications

Abstract : New advances in energy technologies can be accomplished using nanotech materials. Design and manipulation of nanostructures in energy materials are important for more efficient operations in energy generation and storage. Nano-related energy materials include those for solar cells, […]

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