Emerging Materials

Heavy Quasiparticles in Intermetallic Compounds with 4f and 5f Electrons

Abstract : Intermetallic systems with 4f or 5f electrons have often interesting thermodynamic properties at low temperatures. They behave like metals with very heavy charge carriers, i.e., their masses can be several hundred times the free electron mass. However, the […]

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Evidence of a pseudogap for superconducting iron-pnictide (Ba0.6+δK0.4−δFe2As2) single crystals from optical conductivity measurement

Abstract : In this conference, we will report the observation of pseudogap (PG) behavior in optical conductivity in an underdoped Ba0.6+δK0.4−δFe2As2 (Tonset ~ 36 K) single crystal far above Tc , up to 100K (~3Tc). Wide separation of the energy […]

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Functional Magnetic Nanoparticles

Abstract : One of the important trends of next-generation nanomedicine is theranostics that is defined by the combination of therapeutics and diagnostics on a single platform. Magnetic nanoparticles are among one of the most essential platforms for targeted imaging, therapy, […]

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Polymeric Gene Delivery for Treatment of Myocardinal Infarct

Abstract : Our earlier work includes local gene delivery system, nontoxic water soluble lipopolymer (WSLP), poly(ethylenimine)-co-[N-(2-aminoethyl)ethyleneimine]-co-N-(N-cholesteryloxycarbongl-(2- animoethyl)-ethylenimine) was synthesized. Branched polyethylenimine (PEI MW 1800) and cholesteryl chloroformate were used. We have developed a hypoxia-inducible plasmid construct expressing VEGF, pRTP801-VEGF, to […]

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Sorbent Materials for Safe and Efficient Energy Storage

Abstract : Recently, carbon-based sorbent materials have attracted great interest as a light-weight energy storage medium. Graphite has already been used for the anode material of Li-ion batteries and various organic or inorganic carbon-based materials have been proposed to be […]

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Spin on Nano!

Abstract : The spin of the electron strongly influences or even controls the state of matter in a wide variety of materials including ferromagnets, superconductors and antiferromagnetic Mott insulators. Subtle changes in structure or changes in external conditions such as […]

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