Green Energy

Magnesium and Zinc Ion Host Materials for Post Li Ion Battery

Abstract : Li ion batteries (LIB) are one of the most successful energy storage devices for portable electronics application, electrical vehicles, and utility grids. However, there are still strong needs for higher energy density and lower price materials than what […]

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Next Generation Rechargeable Battery Chemistries

Abstract : Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized the portable electronics market, and they are being intensively pursued for electric vehicles and grid storage. There is immense interest in increasing the energy and power while keeping the cost low and enhancing the […]

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Designing New Battery Materials with Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Abstract : Lithium rechargeable batteries have been widely used as key power sources for portable devices for the last couple of decades. Their high energy density and power have allowed the proliferation of ever more complex portable devices such as […]

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Current Status and Outlook of Fuel Cells in Korea

Abstract : There exist a number of market analysis reports available for a variety of information on the deployment statistics, identification of new markets, growth potential of several critical markets, and so on. Thus a great deal of effort has […]

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Ion Conducting Oxides for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

Abstract : Research in functional materials has progressed from those materials exhibiting structural to electronic functionality.  The study of ion conducting ceramics ushers in a new era of “chemically functional materials.” This chemical functionality arises out of the defect equilibria […]

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