Green Energy

New Electrode Materials for Fuel Cells

Abstract : The main role of electrocatalysts is to bring a redox potential at the electrode surface as close as possible to the equilibrium potential of the reaction of interest. It has been considered that alloying is one of the […]

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Important Thermodynamic Considerations Regarding Energy

Abstract : Thermodynamics is the discipline of energy and provides the foundations for the various aspects of energy conversion to useful work. In spite of the close connection between energy and thermodynamics, this topic is often not given enough attention. […]

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Small molecule based organic photovoltaics towards high efficiency

Honors and Awards : 2011: President, Korean Organic Solar Cell Society 2003: Professor, Seoul National University 1997: Professor, GIST   Research Activities : Organic solar cell, OLED  

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Amorphous metal oxides as the negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries

Abstract : The commercialized electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries are limited to a few highly crystalline ones (for instance, graphite and LiCoO2). Due to the highly crystalline nature of these materials, the Li+ storage sites are confined only to the […]

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Post Li ion batteries: challenges & chances

Abstract : Modern society faces two main energy challeges: moving to electrical propulsion (the EV revolution) and using as much as possible sustainable energy in replacement to fossil fuels. Meeting well these challenges requires development of novel electrochemical power sources […]

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Challenge to the Next Generation Fuel Cells for Low-Carbon

Abstract : The East Japan Disaster and the terrible Fukusima Nuclear-Power Plants trouble triggered by it have awakened us that “the retracting moves” are not allowed anymore to the development of “real low-carbon and green energy technologies”. Various types’ fuel […]

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