Hydrogen Technologies

Highly Efficient TiO2-X via Magnesiothermic Reduction for SunLight-Induced H2 Generation

Abstract : High efficiency with stable performance and utilization of visible light is a key challenge to sunlight-induced photochemical generation of H2, the cleanest energy carrier, using particulate photocatalyst system. Recently, black TiO2-x materials were achieved by creating oxygen vacancies […]

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Solid Oxide Cells for Power Generation, and Steam Electrolysis

Abstract : KIST has carried out wide range of research and development in high-temperature solid oxide cells for energy conversion and storage applications including fuel cells and electrolysis. The ultimate goal of fuel cell research is to develop the high-performance, low-cost, […]

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Fuel Cell Electrocatalysis: Accomplishments and Challenges

Abstract : In spite of an admirable progress in reducing the content of platinum in polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) electrodes the electrocatalyst cost accounts for nearly half of the PEFC stack cost and for a quarter of the anticipated cost […]

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The renaissance of electrochemistry

Abstract : Advances in electrochemistry at solid-liquid interfaces are vital for driving technological innovations that are needed to deliver reliable, affordable, and environmentally-friendly energy. In the first part of presentation, we highlight the key achievements in the development of new materials […]

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Disorder Engineering: Turning TiO2 Nanoparticles Black

Abstract : Of a range of materials that have been investigated in pursuit of greater utilization of solar energy, currently one of the most studied semiconductor photocatalysts is titanium dioxide, TiO2, which has an electronic band gap in the ultraviolet (UV) […]

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