Commercialization of Fuel Cell Technology and R&D Strategy plan

Professional Experience : 2011-2012 : Executive Vice President, Fuel Cell Division, POSCO Energy 2007-2011 : Senior Vice President, Fuel Cell Division, POSCO Energy 2005-2007 : Director of New Business Development Department, POSCO 1982-2007 : POSCO   Biography/Education : B.A, Business […]

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Solar Cells Industry Trend

Abstract : The feed-in tariffs in several European markets until 2010 had led to an overly optimistic expectations on the global PV demand, and currently there is a severe disparity between the supply and the demand. The aggressive production capacity […]

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Challenges and Opportunities of the Energy Industry

Abstract : Energy industries are facing challenges on supply and demand unbalance as well as climate change. Energy demand will continue to increase whereas hydrocarbon reserves are dwindling and/or more difficult to produce. There are environmental issues such as land […]

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The status of automotive global market and direction of new technology

Abstract : Global automotive industry experienced unprecedented impacts due to the financial crisis triggered in 2008 and the bankruptcy of General Motors was a symbolic event. And an overview on earnings from the first half of 2012 for major automakers […]

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Current status and utilization of industrial and service robots

Abstract : Industrial robots are used in almost every field of manufacturing industries including automotive industry and electrical/electronics industry. The total worldwide stock of operational industrial robots at the end of 2011 was 1,400,000 units and estimated to increase by […]

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IT Convergence & Healthcare

Abstract : Smart phones have been rapidly penetrating into the everyday life with various applications. With the advancement of communication and computing technologies, the smart phone is not just a phone, but is at the center of the convergence between […]

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