Industrial Applications

Advanced Materials for Technical Textiles Applications, Research, Trends and Markets

Abstract :  In spite of the fact that normally the textile industry is considered a traditional sector, today it has become one of the main test-beds regarding new business strategies. Currently there is a new phase for the textile field […]

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Research of Smart Green Transportation System Based on Personal Mobilty

Abstract :  Review of the various Personal mobility platforms for eco-friendly city The collaboration among DIRG for the green community island Proposal of new tranportation concept with Charge free Personal Mobility system Short review for the Green Mobility’s business.   […]

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On-Line Electric Vehicle with Wireless Power Transmission

Abstract :  Wireless power transmission system can be applied in various fields such as transportation, home and office appliances, logistic equipment without any wire or contact. SMFIR(Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance) technology developed by KAIST, can optimize and shape the […]

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To the Future and the World Together with DAEDEOK Innopolis Venture Association (DIVA)

Abstract :  1. Foundation, Ordeal and Challenge of Seoul Propolis Ltd. Co.  What is Propolis?  Foundation and Process of Technical Development  Strategy of Globalization  Scientific and Marketing Activity at home and abroad – My mentor 2. Current State of DAEDEOK […]

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The 1st R&D Company Success Story

Abstract :  Kolmar BNH, a research institute corporation that uses KAERI’s atomic energy technology for cosmetics and functional health supplement production, is a corporation that can be a prime example of creative economy. The general public may be unfamiliar to […]

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