Information & Communication Engineering

The Role of Embedded Optimization in Smart Systems and Products!

Abstract : Many current products and systems employ sophisticated mathematical algorithms to automatically make complex decisions, or take action, in real-time. Examples include recommendation engines, search engines, spam filters, on-line advertising systems, fraud detection systems, automated trading engines, revenue management […]

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The Challenges of Cyberphysical Systems

Abstract : We present a historical account of paths leading to the present interest in cyberphysical systems. We outline several foundational research topics that underlie this area. These include issues in data fusion, real-time communication, security, middleware, hybrid systems and […]

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Future of the Internet

Abstract : The Internet is by now the fundamental infrastructure of the whole global society. Everything is on the Internet, and the Internet will be on everything. The technical foundation of the Internet is surprisingly simple, which in fact was […]

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Cyber Physical Systems

Abstract : Human beings have always been curious about the physical world and trying to understand it. With continuing technological advances, computing is now deeply embedded into everyday life and interacting with the physical world. They monitor and understand the […]

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ODYS: A Massively-Parallel Search Engine Using a DB-IR Tightly-Integrated Parallel DBMS

Abstract : Recently, parallel search engines have been implemented based on scalable distributed file systems (e.g., GFS). However, we claim that building a massively-parallel search engine using a parallel DBMS can be an attractive alternative since it supports a higher-level […]

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Engineering at the Nanoscale

Abstract : At the nanometer scale – between the atomic and bulk – the surface properties of well known materials can be dominant. This is because as material structures get smaller their surface to volume ratio increases. At diameters of […]

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