IoT & Wearable

Smart Sensor Microsystems for IoT and Wearables: Application-Dependent Integration Approaches

Abstract : With the future filled with a trillion sensors on the way, there is a large variety in the forms of smart sensors for different applications existing or emerging, such as environmental monitoring, smart grid, green transportation, smart home […]

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Wearable Healthcare for Mobile Healthcare Solution

Abstract : Wearable health care is part of the more general category of wearable computers or wearable electronics. Wearable electronics and wearable computers appeared in the mid-1990s, when the computer was regarded as the ultimate equipment for information processing and […]

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Miniature Sensor Systems for Future IoT Applications

Abstract : Since the emergence of the computers in 1940’s, many different class of computing systems – such as microcomputers, desktop PCs, and laptops – have been introduced to meet the ever-changing market needs, as predicted by “Bell’s Law”. Along […]

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Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems for Pervasive and Preemptive Healthcare

Abstract : Chronic diseases account for over 1/3 of deaths around the world. To mitigate the impact of such diseases, healthcare paradigm is now shifting from reactive illness management towards proactive and preemptive health management; the goal here is to […]

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Frictionless wearable systems: new tools for preventive health, cure and care

Abstract: We are all enjoying an ever-increasing life expectancy but need to realize that the quality of our lives is at risk when we become more susceptible to chronic diseases. Today, this effectively implies that we will be sick during […]

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