Learning in My Life

사회를 바꾸는 공부

Abstract:   기술은 세상을 변화시킨 가장 중요한 요소였고, 과학은 세상을 바라보는 관점을 바꾸는 가장 확실한 방식입니다. 신석기 혁명을 열었던 농업의 발명처럼, 지금 우리가 사는 세상에서도 아이패드와 구글 포토는 생활을 바꾸고 있습니다. 뇌 지도를 그리는 과학자들의 작업이 성공한다면 인류는 전혀 가보지 […]

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The Humanities for the Future

Abstract:   These days, when the so-called STEM fields attract more of students and resources in higher-education institutions the world over, a number of academicians have explained why courses in literature, history, philosophy and the arts are indispensable to the […]

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On being a scientist || an engineer: the value of opening & sharing

Abstract:   Since the childhood, the dream as “a scientist” has been an on-going project with many questions. What is a good attitude in life? What are good vision and prospect in life? To be famous or meaningful? To be […]

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Is there a Royal Road to Learning?

Biography: KIM Doochul, the president of IBS, is a theoretical physicist. He received his B.S. in electronic engineering from Seoul National University in 1970, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1974 with a focus in statistical […]

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