Light and Matter

Room temperature polariton lasing in radial quantum well nanowires

Abstract: Semiconductor nanowires are promising building blocks for coherent light-emitters at the nanoscale, which can be exploited in the fields of nanophotonics, nano-optics and nanobiotechnology. Individual nanowires could serve as an optical waveguide along the axial direction and the high […]

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Optical Spectroscopy of 2 Dimensional Materials

Abstract : Optical spectroscopic tools are widely used to study the physical phenomena in various 2-dimensional materials. For example, Raman spectroscopy has been one of the most powerful tools in graphene research. It has been used to study the number […]

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Arbitrary Light Wave Measurement

Abstract : Light is electromagnetic wave that propagates with the speed of light in vacuum. There are countless applications in science and engineering in which light pulses are used. In many applications, it is essential to know the temporal shape […]

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Search for exotic photo-functional materials with ultrafast response for next photonic devices

Abstract : Tuning cooperative phenomena such as phase transition artificially by external stimulation is a key subject for materials science, device application and even biological science today. Especially, achieving the control of the phase transition by light excitation which is […]

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Novel classical and quantum photonic devices by manipulating light-matter interactions in low-dimensional systems

Abstract : Strongly confined electrical, optical and thermal excitations drastically modify material’s properties and break local symmetries that can enable precisely tunable novel responses and new functionalities. With an emphasis on low-dimensional materials such as nanowires and monolayer MoS2, we […]

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