Microrobots for Biomedical Applications

Magnetically-and Bacteria-Actuated Mobile Micro-Robots

Abstract : Small-scale mobile robots have the unique capability of accessing to small spaces and scales directly. Due to their small size and small-scale physics and dynamics, they could be agile and portable, and could be inexpensive and in large […]

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Microrobot for targeted cell transport system

Abstract : Microrobots are being widely studied for biomedical applications such as drug delivery, biopsy, hyperthermia, scaffolding, ablation, etc. Compared to the traditional biomedical devices, microrobots for certain medical applications have numerous potential advantages on non- or minimal invasive treatment, […]

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Multiphysics Modeling for Nanorobotics in Biology and Nanomedecine

Abstract : Research activities on nanorobotics are an emerging interdisciplinary technology area raising new scientific challenges and promising revolutionary advancements in applications such as medicine, biology and industrial manufacturing. Nanorobots could be defined as intelligent systems with overall dimensions at […]

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Robotic Manipulation of Cells from Clinical Samples

Abstract : Robotic cell surgery and automated biophysical characterization of cells enable new frontiers in science and have tangible clinical relevance. Due to the small sizes of cells and sub-cellular structures and due to their heterogeneity in a clinical sample, […]

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Swimming Microrobots

Abstract : Nature has inspired numerous microrobotic locomotion designs that are suitable for propulsion generation at low Reynolds numbers. This talk first reviews various swimming methods with a particular focus on helical propulsion inspired by E. coli bacteria. To actuate […]

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