Future Nanotechnologies for the Ambient Living Applications

Abstract : We present the current and future nanotechnology convergence, especially focusing on the convergence of nano with electronics, display and photonics, and energy/bio areas. Nano-electronics will cover the graphene and carbon nanotubes, and their applications in flexible and transparent […]

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System Science and Technology: New Trends and Its Promotion in Japan

Abstract : The rapid advance of information technology (IT) has made it possible to connect people to people, people to things and things to things, easily, smoothly and economically. The outcome is the indreasing scale and complexity of systems surrounding […]

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Innovation Inspired by Nature : Learning from the Plant Kingdom to Invent Smart Artificial Solutions

Abstract : The concept of taking ideas from Nature to improve technology has been pursued by many scientists and engineers. Nature has spent 3,8 billion years on “R&D” projects and organisms have appeared on earth as the result of tough […]

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New Energy Materials Research and Applications

Abstract : New advances in energy technologies can be accomplished using nanotech materials. Design and manipulation of nanostructures in energy materials are important for more efficient operations in energy generation and storage. Nano-related energy materials include those for solar cells, […]

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