Rehabilitation Robot

Functional Relevancy to Sports Rehabilitation

Abstract : The numbers of participants in sports and physical activity have been increasing as the importance of exercise are being emphasized for a better health and disease prevention. It seems apparent that the numbers of injuries among those who are […]

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Transparent Force/Impedance Generation for Sports and Rehabilitation Training

Abstract : Recently force control has become a significant topic in robotics, as robots that interact with human while doing their task require safe and human friendly force control. In order to answer the requirement, high performance transparent force control has […]

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Exo-Glove Poly: Soft wearable robot for the hand

Abstract : When people suffer paralysis of the hand and fingers in the wake of injuries or diseases, such as spinal cord injury, stroke, and cerebral palsy, they often cannot perform even the simplest activities of daily life. A polymer-based tendon-driven […]

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Human-machine interaction and neurorehabilitation

Abstract : My research interest is in human-machine interaction. I enjoy investigating how humans interact with their environment and with each other. With my group, we develop new technical tools for this purpose, and take all opportunities to use our acquired […]

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Towards better quantification and better understanding of human movements

Abstract : Precise quantification of human motor performance is essential for effective rehabilitation and sports training. Among various aspects of motor performance, stability is one of the most important factors. Stability of rhythmic motor tasks including walking has been frequently assessed […]

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