Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems

Robust Observer and Secure Estimation for Dynamical Systems

Abstract : Measured information by sensors is often corrupted by noise and disturbance in nature, by data processing units such as quantizer, or even by malicious external attacks. But, in order to construct resilient control systems, some kind of robustness […]

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Resilient CPS Research at DGIST

Abstract : This talk provides an overview of the research activities at DGIST Resilient Cyber-Physical System Research Center. System Resiliency refers to a collection of system properties designed to ensure a continuous operation of systems despite internal faults and external […]

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On the Security of Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract : Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) refer to the embedding of widespread sensing, computation, communication, and control into physical spaces. Application areas are as diverse as aerospace, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, energy, manufacturing and transportation, most of which are safety-critical. The availability of […]

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Control of Mechanical Systems

Abstract : The class of mechanical systems including robotic systems finds itself in a special position in control theory since a mechanical system has a second-order structure that is non-linear but not far from linear. As a result it is […]

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Cyber-Physical Control of Road Goods Transportation: Architectures for Cooperation and Optimization

Abstract : Goods transportation is of outmost importance for economic growth and social development. About 45% of all freight transport is on roads and in Europe alone there are more than 2 million heavy-duty vehicles carrying out long-haulage services. Industry and […]

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