Science and Engineering in life

From Odin to DARwIn: Robot Evolution by Intelligent Design

Abstract :  Most mobile robots we see today utilize wheels or treads to move around. But why don’t we see such locomotion mechanisms in nature? Or a better question we should ask is: why don’t we use locomotion mechanisms used […]

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Science and Our Life

Abstract : Until the last century, natural science was very successful in the quest for relatively simple phenomena of matter. However, there exist many phenomena that exhibit so-called complexity at the border of order and disorder, a variety of examples […]

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“If Alien Scientists were to write a Report on Homo sapiens

Abstract : Is it possible to do scientific research on ourselves? It’s hard to view ourselves objectively. But what if we take a different perspective? Say, that of extra terrestrial scientists? If they were to visit our planet and write […]

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Why and How Should I Study?

Abstract :  The basic purpose of study is to find the best answer to an ultimate question, “Who am I, located where, and therefore, how should I live with what attitude?” The answer should be sought with best organized knowledge […]

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