Current Progress of Spin Physics for Spin-Neuromorphic Devices

Abstract : Spin-Neuromorphic devices are one of the promising technology for Artificial Intelligence applications (AI). There are two branches in AI researches, one approach is developing algorithm such as “Deep learning” based on current von-Neumann architectures. However, von-Neumann architecture requires huge […]

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Antiferromagnetic spintronics for low-power neuromorphic computing

Abstract : The mammalian brain is far superior to today’s electronic circuits in intelligence and efficiency. Its functions are realized by the network of neurons connected via synapses. Much effort has been extended in finding satisfactory electronic neural networks that act […]

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ReRAM-based analog synapse devices for neuromorphic system

Abstract : To overcome the intrinsic limitations of von Neumann computing system with information bottleneck between memory and CPU, we need to develop neuromorphic computing system based on hardware artificial neural network (ANN). Hardware ANN system with high density synapse and […]

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Brain-Inspired Computing with Magnetic Nanodevices

Abstract : Today, neural networks are everywhere: they are the virtual assistants in our smartphones, they are powering our search engines and they are the key to big data classification. They can even beat humans at image recognition or at strategy […]

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Spin as State Variable for Computation: Prospects and Perspectives

Abstract : Recent experiments on spin devices like magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ’s), domain wall motion (DWM) in magnetic strips and spin valves have led to the possibility of having very high density on-chip memories and logic. While the possibility of having […]

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