Surgical Robot

Towards enhancing the precision and safety of microsurgery: bimanual SMART

Abstract: Micro-surgeons rely on excellent motor control to perform critical tasks and may have hand tremor on the order of 50-100 microns. Surgical procedures on the retina require especially precise motor control to achieve surgical objectives and minimize surgical risks. […]

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Medical Robotics and Computer-Integrated Interventional Medicine

Abstract : This talk will discuss ongoing research at the JHU Engineering Research Center for Computer-Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology (CISST ERC) to develop CIIS systems that combine innovative algorithms, robotic devices, imaging systems, sensors, and human-machine interfaces to work […]

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Balancing Arm Design and Its Application to Robotic Surgery

  Abstract : Counter-balancing technology has been extensively applied to automotive industry and industrial robot design to save energy or increase the payload. There are two different approaches in balancing technology; counter-weight and counter spring. It is desired that counter […]

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Intelligent Surgical Robots: from Manipulation Augmentation to Complementary Situational Awareness

Abstract: Until now, surgical robots have been limited to augmenting surgeon dexterity, precision, and manipulation skill. With the emergence of new surgical paradigms such as natural orifice surgery and minimally invasive surgery in deep surgical sites, new challenges face surgeons. […]

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Robotic Approaches to Enhancing Laser Micro-Surgery

Abstract : Laser surgery is an interventional technique in which a highly focused laser beam ablates soft tissue with a high water content. Phonomicrosurgery is a specific form of laser surgery aimed at the treatment of abnormalities of the larynx […]

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