Toward New Biology

An Integrative Proteogenomics Approach in Gastric Cancer

Abstract : Agreement between genomic and proteomic molecular signatures can be used to identify core disease-related signatures. Recently, proteogenomics analyzing proteomic and genomic data for the same biological samples has emerged to identify these core molecular signatures related to diseases. […]

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Why Do We Have to Study Protein Structure and Proteomics

Abstract : Today I’d like to address three intriguing issues on protein studies that are worth understanding for biological scientists in general: i) how are the proteins endowed with cellular functions of genes; ii) what is the design of conformational […]

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Regulation of Immune Homeostasis to Commensal Microbial and Dietary Antigens

Abstract : The immune system operates with a delicate balance under normal conditions by responding strongly to occasional exposure to pathogenic microbes while continuously maintaining functional tolerance to foreign antigens that are chronically present, namely, those from the commensal microbiota […]

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Genetic Dissection of C4 Photosynthesis in Grasses

Abstract : C4 photosynthesis evolved multiple times throughout the angiosperms and at least 22 times independently in the grasses.  We have utilized a comparative genomics approach to explore the diversity of mechanisms involved in the recruitment of C3 enzymes and […]

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A Systems Approach to Inflorescence Architecture in Maize

Abstract : Inflorescences of maize and other grasses such as wheat, rice and sorghum, have complex architectures, which limits direct translation from eudicot models. Grasses are characterized by unique floral branches, called spikelets, and their determinacy is differentially regulated in […]

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