Toward New Biology

Survive or Thrive: Tradeoff Strategy of Cellular Senescence

Abstract : The aging dependent cellular behaviors toward extrinsic stress are characterized by the confined localization of the certain molecules either to nuclear or perinuclear regions. Most of the growth factors can activate the downstream signals of the aging cells but […]

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Intracellular messenger function of hydrogen peroxide and its regulation by peroxiredoxin

Abstract : Despite its inherent toxicity, H2O2 is produced in a regulated fashion by many mammalian cell types as a signaling molecule that mediates numerous biological responses. H2O2 is distinct from other messenger molecules, however, in that it acts not by […]

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Microdroplet Chemistry

Abstract : My research group has been studying chemical reactions in microdroplets and comparing the findings with the behavior of the same reaction in bulk solution.  Our detection method has been a high-resolution mass spectrometer.  Two different experimental setups are employed, […]

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From Centenarian to semisupercentenarian and supercentenarian study

Abstract : We started centenarian study in 1992, to know the biomedical characteristics of centenarian. During this first wave study, we found the centenarian is a fascinating people who experienced many life events, sometimes sad and sometime happy. We thought that […]

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Single-molecule studies of DNA mismatch repair

Abstract : DNA mismatch repair (MMR) is a catalytic reaction of a strand-specific degradation and resynthesis dependent on the mismatch by coordination of sequential signaling pathways. Mutation of MutS homolog (MSH) and MutL homolog (MLH/PMS) of MMR components results in elevate […]

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