Water,Environment and Energy

Novel Nanomaterials for a Green and Sustainable Future Energy

Abstract : To achieve a drastic CO2 reduction in the world, the realization of electric vehicles and energy network systems are essential. For the further progress in the development of polymer electrolyte fuel cells, their materials require to be controlled […]

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Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Conversions for Energy and Environmental Applications

Abstract : The photoinduced electron transfers occurring at the semiconductor surface are the key process of solar photosynthetic and photocatalytic processes. Metal oxides such as TiO2, WO3, and Fe2O3 that consists of earth-abundant elements are the most practical base materials […]

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CO2 Capture from Humid Flue Gases and Humid Atmosphere using a Microporous Coppersilicate and Conversion of Solar Energy to Hydrogen

Abstract: In an effort to curtail the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations, economic methods need to be developed to capture CO2 from flue gas and the atmosphere. One possible approach involves the capture of CO2 by using physical adsorption on […]

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Clean Fuel Production by Photoelectrochemical Cells Using Solar Energy and Water

Abstract : Harvesting energy directly from sunlight as nature accomplishes through photosynthesis is a very attractive and desirable way to solve the energy challenge. Many efforts have been made to find appropriate materials and systems that can utilize solar energy […]

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Using Exoelectrogenic and Electrotrophic Microorganisms for Direct Electricity, Biofuels or Chemical Production

Abstract : The ability of certain microorganisms to transfer electrons outside the cell has created opportunities for new methods of renewable energy generation based on microbial fuel cells (MFCs) that can be used to produce electrical power, microbial electrolysis cells […]

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